HexLight - Modular Wall Light


Product Description

Wherever it's placed, the HexLight provides a functional and aesthetic diffused light source with a tactile experience. 


There's no limit to the possibilities...


Here's how it works...

  • All of the LED tiles are held together by magnets. Which means you can pull them apart and rearrange them any way you want. You can have your lights on the wall and functional within minutes.

  • Adjustable brightness - Need a little more or less light? You got it. Turn the tiles on and off individually so you get the brightness level you're looking for.
  • Touch sensor - Equipped with touch-sensitive modules, each light can be controlled with physical touch, or simply by remote control.
  • USB-Nano-Ports - Each lamp is connected through USB-Nano-Ports to guarantee the best light flow!
  • Perfect for gaming - Add some exciting & captivating light to your gaming and steaming set up!
  • Long lifetime - The lifetime of each of the lights is more than 50,000 hours! Never worry about it will die out.
  • Eco-friendly - They don't suck up a lot of power, so they won't hurt the environment. Use them without feeling guilty.


It's unique, beautiful, and super creative...It's about time your light fixture looked as good as the rest of your home.


Product Details

Materials               ABS
Light Source         LED Bulbs
Plug                       US
Color                      White/Colorful
Wattage                6-10W


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