Levitating Plant Pot

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Yes, these are real-life levitating plant pots... your eyes aren't cheating you! And while they're hovering in real-time, you can quickly sweep your finger between the planter and platform - or even give them a gentle spin.

Designed in Los Angeles by our talented Simple Modern team, in line with nordic elegance and minimalism.

Our secret is in the arts of magnetism. Do you remember trying to stick together the same pole ends of a magnet... This is exactly what is happening but in real-time. The platform and pot are essentially both north poles, and that's how it stays afloat. How wicked is that?

The levitating pots can hold all types of plants and soils!



Materials                     Acrylic
Color                            Beige Wood/Dark Wood
Use With                     Flower/Green Plant 



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